Established creative event professional with 10+ years of experience in arts & culture, nonprofit, wedding & events, and higher education.


Currently using my talents at SFMOMA creating best-in-class event experiences that foster community and connection.


I am a passionate connector. I live for the moments I can solve a problem by bringing people and their ideas together.

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Pearson Global Forum

Pearson Annual Lecture

What Clients Are Saying

Kellee is very organized and an excellent communicator. I have worked with her several times and it was nothing short of amazing. Kellee's presentation, attention to detail, and execution has made her one of the best people I have ever worked with in this industry.

Temi CokerMultidisciplinary Artist, Founder of Coker Studios

Kellee’s keen eye for detail is undoubtedly one of her superpowers. She effortlessly organized a small gathering for my 40th birthday and it was executed with excellence given the short notice. She takes simplicity and makes is spectacular. I look forward to working with her again!

Charlotte BettsDigital Content Creator, Owner of pintsizefaith